I’m Christina Somers, a nature enthusiast and passionate outdoor explorer.  What began this year as simply a desire to get my kids outdoors and away from their electronics has turned into a passion for trails and new outdoor adventures.  My husband and I have been taking our two kids on mini trips discovering new trails to explore or simply to admire the amazing scenery that Canada is abundant with.  I believe that in order to instil a genuine love for nature one must first appreciate it.


Through these hikes my kids are quickly realizing there is so much to do and see outside.  Every trail has led to new discoveries and memories that I hope one day they will share with their friends and perhaps their own children.  We pass any knowledge about the forests and region to them, for instance showing them a fissure then explaining what caused it has a different impact.  Knowledge helps them understand and value the land they are stepping on, climbing up, touching; it’s all part of the experience.

Before we leave for any trip I spent hours researching any info on the area, trying to find first-hand accounts of other’s experiences.  I hope as you view and read about our adventures you will gather some inspiration for an exploration of your own.  I’ve tried to include as much information and tips for every destination to help you decide which one to explore, navigating your way to new experiences. Hopefully, you too will develop the same passion for our incredible natural surroundings.

Keep exploring and get outside today!


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