"Once a year, go someplace
you've never been before"
- Dalai Lama


The Grotto

This place seemed unreal! Couldn't believe it was in Canada. This destination was a dream come true for photographers and adventurer seekers.


Bridle Veil Falls

A beautiful locale to take in these stunning falls. Get up close and explore behind the falls or just soak in the view up front.

Flower Pot Island

Flower Pot Island

A gorgeous display of rock formations that are a piece of natural artwork. This island had amazing vistas all around.

"You could definitely say I'm your typical teenager that would prefer to be spending my weekend playing video games. These hikes have opened my eyes to how beautiful our country is and how much more there is to discover."
Nathan Somers
“I wasn't sure if I would like hiking, but I've really enjoyed exploring different areas of our province. I've discovered that I'm a natural at climbing, it is fun and exciting. I also love exploring crevices and seeing where the trail leads us."
Alyssa Somers

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