Flower Pot Island, Tobermory

Flowerpot Island, Tobermory

June 2018

Erosion never looked so good

They are more beautiful up close than you could imagine.  Each layer of limestone visible, stacking one on top of the other to form these stunning pillars.  There are two located on the island, one larger than the other, but both equally exquisite.

For myself, an avid gardener these were magical.  The tree growing out of the rocks was a sight to behold.  I could have spent the whole day just sitting there admiring these.


How to get there

The island is part of the Fathom Five National Marine Park and is 6.5 km from Tobermory, which makes it accessible by boat.

We booked a cruise with Bruce Anchor, known for their glass bottom vessels. I recommend checking their schedule as they have many departure times. Also, they only run from mid May to mid October, and of course weather permitting.

The neat part about this cruise is you can view a shipwreck from the boat during the ride to the island. Do not worry if you aren’t seated by the glass bottom section as these get filled really fast.  I suggest the seats along the right side of the boat as they give you a great view of everything.

The vessel docks and you have several hours to explore the island before they pick you back up for the return to Tobermory.

What to do on the island

There is more than the main attraction of the Flower Pots on these islands.  We hiked to the light station, which takes you pass the caves, but unfortunately they were closed for maintenance.  

There are also 6 campsites available near Beachy Cove.  The name is deceiving as there is no sand beach on the entire island. I personally would love to return and camp overnight, with hopes to explore the caves as well.

If you plan on hiking and the island, I recommend packing some water and snacks or even a picnic, as there is limited refreshments available once on the island.  If you plan on purchasing snacks, be sure to bring cash.


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